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What is the best fabric protector for my rear fabric seats?

Discussion in 'Interior Customisation and Modifications' started by Nathaniel Luthje, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Nathaniel Luthje

    Nathaniel Luthje Member

    Burnett Heads
    Hi All,

    Since I didn't have enough money to buy the model with leather seats, I have fabric seats!!!

    Front seats aren't a problem, got sheepskin covers on them. I do cover my rear seats with a sheet/blanket, but I would also like to spray them with a fabric protector as well, for extra insurance.

    What would you recommend - so what is the best fabric protector for rear seats??

    All replies appreciated,


  2. AC Paul

    AC Paul Member

    GTechniq I1 Fabric Guard. Available online. Spray on generously, allow to dry and air out the vehicle before using it. Superb stuff.
  3. Dan

    Dan Forum Teaboy Staff Member Amarok OC Member Top Contributor

    United Kingdom
    Staffordshire, UK