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Vw Amarok 2.0 Bi Tdi Servicing Costs

Discussion in 'BVR Automotive - Tuning, Service and Repairs' started by BVR Automotive, Mar 31, 2014.

Discuss Vw Amarok 2.0 Bi Tdi Servicing Costs in the BVR Automotive - Tuning, Service and Repairs area at VWAmarokForum.net

  1. BVR Automotive

    BVR Automotive Staff Member Forum Sponsor Amarok OC Member

    United Kingdom
    Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
    Thought it would be worth working out some Amarok specific servicing costs so i'll post a list below. All prices are fully inclusive of Genuine VW parts and fluids, labour and vat.

    Oil and filter change £90

    This is the most basic service we do and only involves changing the oil (we use VW Longlife oil to VW 507.00 spec supplied through VW Group UK) and oil filter

    Basic longlife service £110

    As per oil and filter change + changing the pollen filter and checking the brake pads

    Full longlife service £235

    As basic longlife + changing the air and fuel filters, a full inspection with diagnostic scan, tyre pressures, all under bonnet levels, removing the rear drums, cleaning excessive dust and adjusting when refitting.

    Cambelt and water pump £350

    Includes cambelt, all cambelt idler rollers, cambelt tensioner, water pump, fresh coolant and a new auxiliary drive belt (for the alternator and A/C compressor).
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