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TPMS with non-VW rims

Discussion in 'VW Amarok Off Road' started by RexArok, Oct 10, 2017.

Discuss TPMS with non-VW rims in the VW Amarok Off Road area at VWAmarokForum.net

  1. RexArok

    RexArok New Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Hi All,

    New to the Amarok Forum, but couldn't find answers to this questions elsewhere...

    Is anyone successfully using steel rims off-road, with a set of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-compatible valves? I'm on the cusp of buying rims/tyres for my new vehicle and don't want to lose the TPMS function because in past experience with non-4X4 vehicles it's a very handy early warning system for tyre deflation.



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