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Tow bar wiring

Discussion in 'Electrical, Wiring and Lighting' started by Gambaroks, Aug 16, 2012.

Discuss Tow bar wiring in the Electrical, Wiring and Lighting area at VWAmarokForum.net

  1. Gambaroks

    Gambaroks Guest

    Hi There, im a newbie on here and was wondering if its possible to hard wire 7 core wire into rear lamp loom to get electrics for my tow bar? The local VW dealer here in Perth wants more for the wiring than the actual bar itself!!! Any view positive or not taken in,cheers Gamba....
  2. david

    david Amarok OC Member

    http://www.*********.com/showthread.php?tid=226Towbar Wiring concern
    This may get you started.
    ********* - Amarok Club Australia - Australian & International Amarok Forum - 12-Pin wiring but which plug
  3. Gambaroks

    Gambaroks Guest

  4. daggs

    daggs Guest

    G'Day, Im also new to writing in the forum. I've had to buy the vw wiring loom and after having it coded I will get it changed to a 7 pin flat plug by my own autoelectrician. The dealers want me to spend an extra $160 to buy an additional adapter plug. Not keen on that after paying $450 for the 13 pin wiring loom. Dont like getting ripped off.!
  5. Gambaroks

    Gambaroks Guest

    Hi Daggs,
    I too ended up paying dealer prices as i couldnt get a straight answer from anyone with regards wiring it myself. My dealer supplied me with an adaptor that is 7 pin flat to a round 7 pin, Australian not european,if this is what your after then 'narva' make one and im sure they wont charge you $160 for the pleasure. Anyhow i towed the camper trailer the weekend and it towed like a dream.
    Keep rokin,Gamba.....
  6. over

    over Guest

    I have a dealer supplied VW towbar, and fitted it myself (dealer supplied at very good price as part of the deal).

    Got it bolted in and wired up at the back, and wired in the box at the front.


    1) has anyone got any idea where the PX needs to go (how it attaches to the car to keep it secure)

    2) diagram says put new fuses in, but diagram does not list where they actually are.. Also all spare holes seem to have only one part of the spade connector so won't make the circuit.

    Any suggestions please?
  7. over

    over Guest

    Downloaded the manual from emmanuals on line.

    Seems that my fuse 60 already has a place, and 61 is empty, but only has one spade connector behind it.

    Booked into dealer on thurs next week, for warranty ( dipstick/oil light) and non working driver side heated element in mirror.
  8. WorkingCocker

    WorkingCocker Guest

  9. over

    over Guest

    Canterbury Van Centre fixed it, apparently it needed a software update.

    Shame it has a 13pin socket...had to get a converter.

    HITECHUS Guest

    Hi all, I have read a lot of posts here and when I went looking for a quality tow bar, correct module and trailer plug well the prices went from $888 to $1,200 installed. If I purchased myself to install $730 DIY

    The great news is go direct to IRONBULL in Brisbane, QLD. Quality hitch with ECU and wiring loom total. $456.00. DIY

    It is a high quality kit, the wiring loom is quality factory German. Complete instructions. ECU is LED trailer light ready.

    Hitch is fully approved and rated 2800kg. IT BOLTS RIGHT ON WITH 4 bolts all included, loom all plug and play.
  11. orion

    orion Staff Member Amarok OC Member

    Be aware that all MY13 Roks are now rated to tow 3000kg and the Auto 3200kg.
  12. Will

    Will Guest

    Hi there
    All good to modify, only if you really know what you’re doing. I thought about it and find out the cost if you make a little mistake. So when I had my girlfriend with me [The one that I married for 25 years] we manage to make a deal that includes the tow bar. Beter safe than sorry.
  13. over

    over Guest

    Can one of the mods please delete this muppet,I've reported it as spam using crappatalk but the waster still posts...
  14. Huddig

    Huddig Guest

    I have also reported, but two Times...

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