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The Guardian Review: VW Amarok

Discussion in 'VW Amarok Articles and News' started by geargrinder, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. geargrinder

    geargrinder Staff Member Amarok OC Member Top Contributor

    United Kingdom
    In the engine
    Price: £31,506
    Top speed: 119mph
    0-62mph: 8 seconds
    MPG: 36.2
    Towing capacity: 3,100kg
    CO2: 203g/km

    So, this is where it happened. Jeremy Clarkson slugged his producer and effectively killed off Top Gear MkI. I’m at the genteel Simonstone Hall in Wensleydale and before JC’s fisticuffs the closest guests came to a spat was a spilt G&T or maybe a run on the Bombay mix. I ask the waiter if they get TG pilgrims. He says: “Our guests are often curious – and it certainly hasn’t been bad for business.” They should put up a blue plaque. He laughs and says: “Or hang up a pair of blue jeans to mark the spot.”

  2. Shortie

    Shortie Amarok OC Member Top Contributor

    South Africa
    Thanks mate

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