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Discussion in 'Volkswagen Amarok Mechanical' started by Marea, Aug 31, 2015.

Discuss EGR COOLER in the Volkswagen Amarok Mechanical area at VWAmarokForum.net

  1. Marea

    Marea Member

    My 2013 Amarok has now twice been towed to dealer after smoke/steam leaking out of EGR into intake. The first time they removed EGR cooler and found a leak. 5 weeks later this has again occurred. Luckily I was close to home. Has anyone else had these problems? The vehicle is 19 months old. Thanks Marea
  2. rjamjm

    rjamjm Well-Known Member


    My Rok has just had the EGR Cooler replaced under warranty and apparently was subject to a service bulletin replacement as they are not to spec..... Also was told that they do a software upgrade at the same time. Strangely its just over 2 years old. Its also had the EGR Valve and Fuel Pressure regulator changed as well.

  3. Marea

    Marea Member

    All sounds very interesting. Picked up today and hopefully will keep going for more than 5 weeks.

    They "pressure tested cooling system and found no external leaks. Removed glow plugs and disconnected injectors, turned engine over and coolant came from all cylinders. Removed EGR Cooler and pressure tested, internal leak located in EGR Cooler. Rep.aced EGR Cooler, re-fitted glow plugs and connected injector lines. Bled cooling system system and pressure tested. All OK".

    Here's hoping no further problems.

  4. Daniel Armstrong

    Daniel Armstrong New Member

    My EGR cooler was failing, losing about 0.5L every 2 days. Eventually started rough as guts, felt like 3 of 4 cycling ETS. Being replaced now but feels like they knew all about the problem.
  5. JohnCZ

    JohnCZ New Member

    2013 Amarok just completed 60000km service, has to be returned to replace a leaking EGR Cooler, 2 months warranty left....
  6. Duane

    Duane New Member

    Is it worth it to replace the egr cooler or just remove it?
    Has anyone removed it?

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