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Does K&N Air filter makes a difference?

Discussion in 'Amarok Remapping and Tuning' started by jaco loxton, Sep 25, 2017.

Discuss Does K&N Air filter makes a difference? in the Amarok Remapping and Tuning area at VWAmarokForum.net

  1. jaco loxton

    jaco loxton New Member

    South Africa
    Sannieshof North west
    I want to replace the air filter on my 132kw auto Amarok with a K&N filter. Is it worth the money and does it actually make a difference? Any one out there that can give me feedback?

    Thank you
  2. ST12

    ST12 Top Contributor

    United Kingdom
    I was considering the same.... is it worth £55??
  3. gnel

    gnel Top Contributor

    If you don´t see any dusty road driving then they are ok at best. Their real world filtering specs are not very good. The only up that I see is that they are reusable. The claim of increased hp has been proved to be bs time and time again.
  4. thjakits

    thjakits Member

    Google "K+N myth, Nissan Forum"

    It seems the graphs there are no longer loading, but the text alone will " cure" the aftermarket filter hype!!

    K&N are marketing experts - just reading their stuff - you will convince yourself!!

    Another GREAT site to check into all kinds of car-tuning-muth-hype-real stuff is:
    AutoSpeed - Technology, Efficiency, Performance

    - Your car HAS to produce the claimed power (hp) - it will do so with the factory (mostly paper)filter....
    - At most times - 99% - you will NOT need/use max power (you may step on it often, but remember, best power is only at one point - high rpm, just where you usually will shift)
    - autospeed has done numerous tests to find were power is lost in the intake tract: In most cases the filter itself only accounts for 1-3% of the total intake loss.
    - K&N claims up to 30% more airflow through the filter - now, calculate out how much more flow you get overall - 30% of 3% is what 1% more flow overall??
    - today you have no readily availabe tech that can filter air better than a resistance filter and still be affordable and fit into a vehicle - (means - you have to put an obstacle in front of the dirt!) - the best way to cut loses here is to try to slow down the airflow as much as possible - you do this by optimizing the aerodynamics of the filter-box and making the filter surface as big as possible - lots of pleads and lots of depth and lots of size!

    [Even K&N says that their filter will " improve filtering" once it dirties up a little" - WTF?? YOu need dirt (resistance) in the filter to make it filter better?? Back to square one!

    Also most diesel engine airfilters can be cleaned .... to a point - today.
    So most of the perceived improvement (power, filtering, re-usability) is mostly imaginary!

    BTW - I have slighty used K&N for sale, incl. a cleaing kit - for a 2008 Suzuki DL1000 - any takers? (...came with the bike. Yes - back to factory paper!!)



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