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Contaminated. Fuel in the Ozz outback

Discussion in 'General Chat - Car-related' started by NOMADROK, Aug 28, 2017.

Discuss Contaminated. Fuel in the Ozz outback in the General Chat - Car-related area at VWAmarokForum.net


    NOMADROK Active Member

    I am currently in Weipa (Cape York pen) and have been for 5 weeks waiting parts to rebuild the fuel system on my 0/11 Rock. Fuel was purchased at the general store in Normanton last month and it is confirmed as having an excessive quantity of 'add blue' which i understand is some form of fuel/tank cleaner used by distriubtors. I have travelled throughout the ouback for about 45 years and make the following comments for consideration- Ensure you join a 'support system eg. R.A.C. total care' as this will give you the accommodation cover and your choice of where your vehicle is repaired including transport to your home. Understand the above deals only with a breakdown and not an accident. There is no way of ensuring all fuel is pure. However fuel purchased from truck stops or high traffic centres should be good. Remote repair centres DO NOT have the expertise to deal with major ROCK.breakdowns, and I suggest having the vehicle!e relocated to the nearest large regional town. Also check your insurance policy regarding cover against contaminated fuel. Among the spares you carry include a fuel filter.Trust this is of interest. Regards. NOMADROCK -- Allan. M

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