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2014 model changes

Discussion in 'Choosing Your VW Amarok' started by webbo250, Apr 28, 2013.

Discuss 2014 model changes in the Choosing Your VW Amarok area at VWAmarokForum.net

  1. webbo250

    webbo250 Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I am due a new pick up in January 2014 and dont want to order my new amarok too soon just in case there are some improvements or better optional extras on the way for that model year.
    Does anybody have any ideas if any changes are due ??
    Also is the canyon going to make it to the uk ??

  2. orion

    orion Staff Member Amarok OC Member

    Dealers usually receive advance info regarding the next model year and any changes right about now. Maybe VW Stealer can help?
  3. gmak

    gmak Member

    I'm being told by dealer that 2014 model production starts in week 22 (june 3rd) 2013 so any rok's on the production line after that will have the 2014 changes fitted. Fortunately my highline auto is due to be built week 24 and dealer tells me I wont be charged for any 2014 upgrades if there are any, as it was ordered a while back, but he is not aware of any changes for 2014 at the moment.
  4. bigmanuk

    bigmanuk Active Member

    I had a new amarok delivered last week and it came with a new seperate supplement to the owners manual. It listed full instructions on how to operate the reversing camera system that integrates into the RNS315. I spoke to the dealer as I asked for a reversing camera as part of the build and they said it still wasnt an option on their list, but looks like it will be available soon as a direct build option.
  5. ArcticRok

    ArcticRok Well-Known Member

    Strange. I ordered mine in march, with rns 315 and reversing camera from the factory.
  6. easydeluxe

    easydeluxe Guest

    I have ordered a highline auto with everything on it. It has a rns 315. but the dealer said I needed an aftermarket bluetooth device for using my phone with the rns315??? true or bullshit?
    in other words...can I use my iphone for telephoning in the amarok with a rns 315 and a multifunction steering wheel without something else???
  7. Dubya

    Dubya Amarok OC Member

    NW UK
    Hi, the 315 works via bluetooth to an Iphone, & can be answered/ended on the MFSW.
  8. orion

    orion Staff Member Amarok OC Member

    Yup, bullshit.

    The RNS315 works seamlessly via BT with smartphones without the need for any other inteface/device.

    It will also display your 'phone books on the head unit and other functions as well including streaming music from the 'phone.

    Add in the integral SD slot which will accept up to a 32gb SDHC card and a 3.5mm audio jack point on the front for auxillary devices (iPod/MP3 player), and you could have up to 160gb of music available...................

    how long are you planning to travel for? :wink:
  9. easydeluxe

    easydeluxe Guest

    just to get this straight!!! My dealer says bluetooth connectivity is standard on the rns 315, at least to play music.
    But inorder to use handsfree telephone mode I need to spend another 500 euro on some system...
    So you guys are saying that the handsfree phone function is included as standard in the RNS 315?
    correct? If so, where is the mic located?
    thx a lot!, because if you are right I feel a little played!!!
  10. warrenh

    warrenh Amarok OC Member

    Kent, UK
    It's on my 315; full bluetooth. Plays music and audio from movies from my Android phone wirelesly though BT, makes and receives phone calls, syncs phone book, microphone is on the roof by the front centre lamp.
    Most dealers have never driven a Rok so have no clue about what they're selling.
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  11. orion

    orion Staff Member Amarok OC Member

    What Warren says, plus voice control for 'phone if you care to use it.

    The handbook for the RNS315 makes no mention at all of any additional components being required to activate the BT 'phone function - quite the opposite in fact as it deals extensively with pairing of BT 'phones either manually or passively.

    Does your dealer have a Highline Rok available for inspection that has an RNS315 without the so-called additional 'phone gizmo installed? Interesting that the dealer thinks that BT is available just for music but won't allow 'phone use - really sounds as if they just don't know what they are talking about.
  12. colrok

    colrok Amarok OC Member

    When I test drove a highline, the bloke was wittering on about it not working with Bluetooth music, but his phone paired to it ok. I think they are getting confused with their technical details.

    Since got a highline with 315 and works with music and phone no bother.
  13. easydeluxe

    easydeluxe Guest

    thank you, sent him a mail...just saved me 500 euros!
  14. orion

    orion Staff Member Amarok OC Member

    Result then........

    apart from the normal commission rate applying that is! :wink:
  15. deepenough

    deepenough Guest

    I ordered also highline auto with rns 510 as a optional equipment. Production week was 34, it will go to the line in august 20~ and i hope to get to it my hands in about mid- september.
  16. warrenh

    warrenh Amarok OC Member

    Kent, UK
    The dealer doesn't know what he's taking about
    The 315 works perfectly with bluetooth, it also syncs all your contacts to the radio
    If you've the multi steering wheel you can use voice commands for the phone
    It will also play music from any bluetooth player
    If you use an ipod (which doesn't have bluetooth) you need an extra input connector to connect to the 315
    Personally I would complain the the dealer manager and tell them to throw in some free car mats or something for messing you about


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