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BVR Automotive
May 21, 2011
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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Fixing VW Group vehicles

BVR Automotive United Kingdom

Super Moderator, Male, from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Staff Member Forum Sponsor Amarok OC Member
    1. Tricky Dicky
      Tricky Dicky
      Just joined the Forum having recently bought a '63 plate 180 Highline and find you to be close by so will be visiting soon for a chat. When is the recommended time for the cambelt and water pump on these. Mine will be 4yrs in Oct and currently just turned 90,000mls
    2. Paul Henton PJH HGV Ltd
      Paul Henton PJH HGV Ltd
      Hi dave .remap still brill .
      Wanting too pick your brains
      I had a mug slash one of my tyres and so bought a new one and put the new spare on the front so two new tyres on the front and two rear tyres at about 65 persent as only done 10000 miles ...
      Now is that ok or should I put the new ones one the back ???? Or thow I think the front where out faster .
      Your advice would be glady received.
    3. Andy Walton
      Andy Walton
      I will take the mountain top it if you can do me a VAT receipt?

    4. mudmonkey
      Ive got a 180 auto Amarok and im considering having it re mapped, you have probably answered these questions several times but does the re map affect the warranty? How long does it take and how much does it cost? I have found that theres a delay when pulling away from standstill, will the map sort this out?

      Thanks in advance!

    5. BVR Automotive
      BVR Automotive
      Yes but if it was Cwm Carn is must have been March time. I was also at the forest of dean early June.
    6. Thomas_67
      Are you by any means into mountain biking? i am positive i saw a white amarok in cwmcarn, south wales a few months back with BVR automotive on the rear window?
      1. BVR Automotive likes this.
    7. BVR Automotive
      BVR Automotive
      No problem Colin, glad your enjoying it.
    8. Ginger
      Hi Dave...Amarok driving soo well and smooth with obvious extra go. Loving the remap, thanks Dave.
    9. Dan
      Want any wind deflectors? Check the chatbox on the homepage. Some going cheap in return for pictures of them on the vehicle afterwards.
    10. Padawan72
      Hi I was wondering how long it would take to re-map my Amarok Highline.
      was thinking of having it done soon.
      Cheers Patrick
    11. BVR Automotive
    12. Ginger
      I can't help thinking i'm going to be spending some of my pocket money with you soon.:D
    13. Dan
      Seen the DPF thread mate? One for you I think. Want's to know if removing DPF will actually increase emissions.
    14. Dan
      How was the show?
    15. AMAROK
      Thank you very much
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    Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
    Fixing VW Group vehicles