VW Amarok Fuel Consumption 28.4mpg Average
VW Amarok Fuel Consumption

There is no doubt about Volkswagen misleading customers internationally about the Amarok fuel consumption of many diesel models.

VW Amarok Fuel Consumption
VW Amarok Fuel Consumption

And there is no doubt about the fact that the VW Amarok gets less miles per gallon than is quoted in every single leaflet, brochure and sales forecourt around the globe.

So we get asked quite a bit on the forum about what miles per gallon Amarok owners can expect to achieve in the real world.

The answer is not a lot.

35mpg is good. 30 can be expected. There’s no doubt

VW Amarok Fuel Consumption 28.4mpg Average
VW Amarok Fuel Consumption – 20.4mpg

about people getting 40+ with the wind behind them on a good run. Rok’s not run in (still new) will get less. Ones with wearing a canopy and lots of modifications to the exterior affecting what little aerodynamics the truck already has will get less. And trucks with nobbly off-road or all-terrain tyres will get a lot less also.

VW Amarok Fuel Consumption
VW Amarok Fuel Consumption

Then again, who buys an Amarok for the fact it’s very fuel efficient, which it isn’t? Nobody!

Stop-Start on the VW Amarok – Does it work?

It certainly works. There are some complaints when the Amarok is trying to do a regeneration on the Deisel Particulate Filter (DPF) with regards to the engine revving higher than usual. Which stops the stop-start from doing its job. As it’s based around the revs of the engine, when it’s revving at around 900RPM to regenerate the DPF. The engine doesn’t turn off automatically at lights. The way to solve this is to take it for a good run and try to get it in high revs. It’s the heat in the DPF that burns out the carbon build up. Doing it every now and again while keep your DPF in tip top condition, and also make sure the stop-start feature works all the time as expected.

When it comes to saving fuel, or improving MPG, it is debatable. It’s more to do with the tax band. As we know VW isn’t reliable when it’s down to trusting its figures. So we would need to go off of real world examples. So perhaps if you guys on the forum could help point out whether your vehicles get better MPGs with the stop-start over those who don’t have it, that could help us.

What’s Your Amarok Fuel Consumption?

We’d love to see pictures of you Amarok fuel consumption added to this blog post / forum thread. Please take a couple of snaps the next time you spot it’s a bit better than usual for you. Or a bit worse than usual for you, and let us know why you think that might be.

This will help us as owners, and others as potential buyers, in choosing their modifications, tyres, hard tops and other things that will or may contribute to the Amarok fuel consumption generally.


  1. What's everybody using to covert that to MPG?

    I'll have to code something on the site that does it for us. It's confusing me I keep seeing this Imperial-metric issue lol

  2. My new V6 3.0L does 35mpg on non motroway roads keeping to the speed limit. I have had 38mpg on some journeys with traffic keeping the average mph to about 45.

    The new Amarok does feel lighter than the previous 2011 model. Noticeable in the weight of the tailgate and the lack of engine and transmission protection.

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  4. 2013 remapped BiTurbo driving carefully regularly get 7l per 100km, 40 mpg no load, not towing – live at 800m 2500ft central France, super bendy small roads, car now has 80k miles .

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