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Advertise on the VW Amarok Forum (, the international Volkswagen Amarok forum, and reach 3,000+ registered and active Amarok owners from across the globe.

Our monthly readers (meaning unregistered) is far far higher than that figure. As most users find the information they need without needing to register and ask a question.

The 3,000+ currently registered are more of the community-orientated type, which is quite a natural occurrence in the world of VW’s and that’s been the case since the 60’s because of the Campers and Beetles.

VW Amarok Forum Global
The darker the blue, the more users originate there, the grey areas bring us very little traffic.

We started out in 2011 when the first Amaroks were rolling off the line in Argentina. We’re the only Amarok forum online that doesn’t supply products or services ourselves.

That means our advice that comes from the members themselves can be trusted as user-generated feedback, rather than profit-orientated opinions.

We’re a free-to-use forum for all Amarok owners, but we do have some running costs. And as we become increasingly busier, as Volkswagen sell more and more ‘roks in more countries, our costs are only going to go up.

Where our users come from
Where our readers (including unregistered) browse from, grey is ‘other’ (all other countries). 79.9% of our users originate from the 10 countries listed. The UK and Australia often overtaking each other by a percentage or two, then falling back to the previous leader

How we are funded

We run many online forums and our model doesn’t change with any type. We make them popular, then sell advertising space to companies that the members recommend to each other. This allows the companies to get on first name terms with the regular guys, get involved in competitions, and generally be the go-to company when it comes to products and services they need.

Win for the forum as we get bills paid.

Win for the members as they get to become friends with our forum advertisers.

Win for the advertisers as they get long-lasting loyal customers.

We don’t like selling just one months worth of advertising space, as us changing a supplier every month wouldn’t work long-term. We like long lasting friendships, and on our trade forums we setup in 2006 & 2007, we still have 80% of the advertisers who first signed up, still 10 & 11 years later. We stick together to make it work and ensure we’re doing what we can do advertise our partners in every way possible.

What advertisers get

They get exclusive access to our members. We don’t allow companies to advertise with anything on our forum without joining in with the running costs. In return, our members appreciate the forum being free of charge, and usually always enquire with our sponsors before shopping elsewhere.

We place banners site-wide. In the sidebar, in threads, in forum categories, in the header and in the footer of pages, and in email sidebars too!

We mark forum accounts as sponsors, they get their usernames in bold and coloured, and get a ‘tag’ next to their name saying they’re a sponsor.

Sponsors also get a forum category to post offers in, or news, although they’re allowed to post in the most related forum category too. So a hardtop supplier would perhaps post in the hardtops forum category, as well as their own supplier category.

Not only that, we have the largest community-orientated Amarok facebook page going. We have 22,500+ users on our page who all share the content we post there. We can allow sponsors on the page to post their own news and products, and this is these days within the terms of Facebook too. They allow that.

We’re open to other suggestions too, such as Facebook pixel marketing and Google remarketing codes. So that you re-target visitors of our forum with your own ad campaigns which can vastly save you money on Google and Facebook advertising. It would cover our own forum charges 10 times over. 🙂

What would it cost you? 

At the time of writing this we have one advertiser, which isn’t covering our bills on its own. So we’re willing to do a few deals.

On our trade forums we charge £1,500 + VAT for 6 months, or £2,500 + VAT for 12. And we sell those packages quite well. And keep sponsors for a long time too.

We realise our Amarok forum isn’t as big, so it needs to be less. And while we have nearly no financial support, we’re willing to try our best to get some! So here goes.

1st Taker – £50 per annum – SORRY GONE 2nd Taker – £75 per annum – SORRY GONE 3rd Taker – £100 per annum – SORRY GONE 4th Taker – £125 per annum – UNDER OFFER 5th Taker – £150 per annum – CLICK HERE 6th Taker – £175 per annum – CLICK HERE 7th Taker – £200 per annum – CLICK HERE 8th Taker – £225 per annum – CLICK HERE 9th Taker – £250 per annum – CLICK HERE 10th Taker – £275 per annum – CLICK HERE


  1. Just a quick update to say this is still the situation. We'll always be free for regular members, but those wishing to commercialise from the forum will need to pay. It's not much as you can see.

    I've clocked quite a few firms advertising on here when they shouldn't be.

    The only sponsor that we have is @BVR Automotive (as I write this). So please make sure you report any others for me so I can contact them and start the ball rolling, or remove their accounts if they're not up for fairly supporting the forum.

    Thanks lads and ladies. 🙂

  2. We have the 4th offer under discussion, but it is first-to-pay that gets the deal so if you’re interested, act fast and you could get the offer for the 4th taker.

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