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US Buyer Wanting to Purchase Amarok

Discussion in 'Choosing Your VW Amarok' started by Twindorn, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Twindorn

    Twindorn Guest

    Thanks everyone for you suggestions. I'm considering all of them.

    It's difficult doing comparisons between vehicles when so many are not available in the US. The VW Touareg is an exception except that the 4XMOTION (4WD) is not available to the US market. The 4MOTION (AWD) is available. So I did comparisons between the UK, DE and the US.

    Using common denominators: liters per 100 kilometers based in Euros for diesel fuel costs in February 2012.

    The data that VW provides in their brochure indicates that the Touareg gets: urban 8.2 l/100 km and extra urban 6.6 l/100 km in both the UK and Germany. In the US the same vehicle with the same engine gets 12.38 l/100 km urban and 8.4 l/100 km extra urban.

    So whereas the cost of diesel is seemingly the least expensive in the US, the actual cost in the US is highest because of the lessor efficiency of the engine. An engine that is supposed to be the same in all three countries- the 3.0 V6 TDI 240 hp.

    The only explanation I can come up with is that the US engines are being chipped and mapped to be less efficient.

    As for which vehicle is ultimately chosen to drive after the first two years using the Element, that decision will have to wait until I can access what is available in the US or elsewhere. It's difficult to pre-plan what may or may not be available at that time.

    In the meantime I've been reading Do's and Taboos Around the World. It's definitely been educational. I can only hope that what I've written in these posts has not butchered the English language too terribly.
  2. Twindorn

    Twindorn Guest

  3. Pelorus32

    Pelorus32 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Melbourne, AU
    BTW I think you have your litres and gallons mixed up here. The costs per 100 kilometres are nothing like what you have quoted, because you have used litres/100 km but substituted in the gallon price rather than the litre price.

  4. Pelorus32

    Pelorus32 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Melbourne, AU
    Of course you could get yourself those kinds of costs by buying a Unimog U400 or U500 with Vario Pilot. The Vario Pilot allows you to slide the wheel, pedals and instruments from side to side in about 1 minute so you can drive on whichever side of the road is current. You can get them with all sorts of expedition backs on them and the resale values remain very high.
    The U300, U400 and U500 are much more civilised than many of the other 'Mogs on the road.
    See here for example. They do about 20 litres/100km on road and about 40 - 50 litres/100km in soft sand and dunes. the vehicle in that link has Vario Pilot and working gears fitted.
  5. Twindorn

    Twindorn Guest

    Pelorus32, I was projecting prices for after the strike is over. LOL.

    No, you are correct. I did exactly what you said, substituted gallons for liters.

    DE urban €12.38 and extra urban €9.51 /100 km
    UK urban €13.86 and extra urban €10.65 /100 km
    US urban €13.25 and extra urban €8.99 /100 km.

    Thanks for pointing out the error. Hopefully it will be some time before we get to my first posted figures.
    As a teen I can remember when petrol sold for about 7.7 US cents per liter.
  6. Twindorn

    Twindorn Guest

    Actually, what I truly have in mind is a vehicle that doesn't require any fossil fuel, will function in and medium- air, water or on land. It would be silent, stealth, and could transform itself at a push of the button to become a "camper" when a desired location was chosen. And of course- that price would below reasonable.
  7. dionysis22

    dionysis22 New Member

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    If I were to go round the world then I would get me a Kamaz.....

    As a sideline I own a zetor tractor and that would go round the world and would run on anything even waxed out diesel. I ran it for 3 months without any cooling water and didn't notice, unfortunately the steering is a bit dodgy now so it isnt going anywhere and the cab is big enough for 4...
  8. volvos60r

    volvos60r New Member

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    Hi, I have a suggestion for you so you can purchase an Amarok without so much hassle.
    If you live in the U.S. the best thing for you is to buy it in Mexico.
    You can fly to El Paso,TX then cross the border and buy it in Ciudad Juarez, you do not need to supply a permanent address to register and insure the vehicle since most people who live in these 2 border towns do not own a residence.
    As long as you are paying in full at the time of purchase everything is going to be pretty quick to do. Buying a brand new car in Mexico is fairly easy.
    A 4X4 Amarok ranges between $ 346.000 mxn and $ 482.000 mxn, they will be able to manage with the english speaking part, and as long as you can meet U.S. emission regulations, which an Amarok should not have any problem with since it meets Euro IV regulations, you could be able to register it in the U.S.
    The only thing you should take into consideration is telling the dealer you need to have the rear fog light and DRL circuit installed at the Pacheco assembly plant before taking delivery, they will not be able to install them at the dealer since these are not required by law in Mexico. Volkswagen simply saves money by not installing them on vehicles sold in Mexico. All european countries require this equipment to be installed on any motor vehicle.
    Here is the direct link to the dealership in Ciudad Juarez,Chihuahua: Concesionario Volkswagen México you can ask them all your questions directly.
    I hope this can help you.
  9. Twindorn

    Twindorn Guest

    Thanks volvo60r. That's a good solution.

    I've given up on the trip and I'm planning other adventures. However, if the Amorak is ever made available to US dealerships I may purchase one then. At some point I would need service and parts and having to obtain those through a foreign country just isn't worth the hassle.

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