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Service Indicator reset

Discussion in 'General Amarok Chat' started by rwidin, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. rwidin

    rwidin New Member

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    Rockhampton, Ausralia
    The service warning has come up after 12 months buit I have only travelled 3000km. Anyone know how to rest it.
  2. VWstealer

    VWstealer Active Member

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    Hampshire, England, UK
    The Dealer will do it for you after they have serviced it....
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  3. Dam

    Dam New Member

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    After much searching I have discovered that it is possible to reset the service reminder without plugging in.
    The procedure is as follows:
    Ign off key out
    Press RH button on dash and hold
    Ign on
    Release RH button
    Press LH button on dash
    Turn ign off

    Then check you have been successful.
    This worked for me today.
    Do not do this unless you oil and filter have been changed!

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